• "My name is Matt Larsen and I am the Manager at Smog Oasis in San Diego. We are a STAR test only station. We have been a BETA shop with Applus using the Smog Daddy OIS unit since February 1, 2014. Our shop has changed dramatically since the beta test began in several ways.

    We now only use our BAR 97 dyno unit once or twice per typical day. The other 10-15 smogs are performed with the Smog Daddy unit. Due to this new change, we have cancelled our SPX service agreement which was $320 per month. Our shop now operates much more quietly and quickly…a typical smog test takes 3-5 minutes and when I add in the physical inspection, the customer is complete in about 10 minutes.

    After a long busy day of tests, I feel much better as I leave the shop since I no longer have to perform drive cycles and deal with repetitive “aborts” and the occasional gas bench restart due to a BAR 97 machine breakdown. My STAR technician score is safe from the old dings that the BAR hands out to technicians who experience aborts, drive cycle errors, wrong gear selections and the like which means my STAR score and the station’s score is safer than when using the BAR 97 machine.

    The technical support that we have received from Applus has been awesome. We have never had a problem with our work station, but they have solved a few problems with the software which was still in development, they did it remotely. Once they did it instantly while I watched and once they updated our system overnight and when I returned to the shop the following day, everything was reset and ready to work again. They have been very professional to us.

    I give the Smog Daddy a thumbs up for quality, speed, ease of use, quick service, and excellent customer support. I’m glad we were able to start using this equipment early, it has made my life as a smog tech much more enjoyable. "

    Matt L., San Diego, CA

    "My shop is a Beta 2 testing site for Applus Technologies. I’m very happy with the Complete Smog DADdy™ Package and the tech support Applus provides. During Beta testing I purchased another complete system for my shop."

    Don W., Loma Linda, CA

    "We have two Smog DADdy™ systems and could not be happier with our decision to go with Applus. We have also already ordered a third unit. These units are moneymakers and lightning fast! Our customers keep asking; “that’s it, we are finished?” The Technical Support team is staffed with Information Technology and engineering professionals."

    Richard M., Vallejo, CA

  • "I love Applus’s customer service, from the first time they came to our shop to install and setup our two beta systems. They were very professional, friendly and quick. After the beta testing started, every time we have questions or encountered any issues Applus was very quick to respond either by email or phone call or even over the weekend. I am very satisfied with the product and customer service. The Applus Smog DADdy™ system conducts smog checks very fast! I love Applus!"

    Shifang S., Hayward, CA

    "I have been sold on Applus Smog DADdy™ equipment from day one because it is a great product. The customer service has been great; I especially appreciate the remote diagnostic capabilities used by the technical staff. I personally would recommend Smog DADdy™ equipment to other shop owners."

    Jimmy K., Santa Clarita, CA

    "We've been beta testing the Smog DADdy™ system from Applus Technologies for about a month now and it's been pretty much bulletproof. We get through our inspections in good time with no hang-ups. Any issues encountered have all been either user error or were quickly responded to and solved by the fast and courteous Applus technical support team."

    NICK Y., Oakland, CA