Time is Running Out!

BAR has certified Applus’ Smog DADdy™ for official OIS inspections. The Smog DADdy™ can now be used exclusively for 2000 and newer OBD equipped vehicles. This is a faster inspection which will be used for approximately 70% of smog tests.

Over 4500 Smog Check locations across California are currently testing using the new OBD Inspection System (OIS), with more added daily. This number is increasing rapidly and all approximately 7200 smog shops must have the DAD by the hard date set by BAR.

BAR has projected a mandatory OIS use date of early 2015 by which time all smog check shops must use a certified DAD to inspect 2000 and newer OBD equipped vehicles. If a shop does not have a certified DAD activated by this date, they CANNOT test 2000 and newer vehicles. The BAR97 system can no longer be used to test these vehicles after this date.

Don’t be misled by rumors indicating this program is temporary. The new OBD Inspection System will be the required test for over 70% of the vehicles smog inspected in California by the end of 2014. Each year aging vehicles leave the fleet and newer vehicles are added. Therefore the percentage of OIS inspection will increase each year from the 70% that are now 2000 and newer.

The new OBD Inspection System offers significant advantages to Smog Check stations looking to achieve or improve their Star scores, since issues such as improper gear selection and speed excursions are eliminated. Elimination of vehicle functional checks leads to simplified and more efficient inspections.

The Applus Smog DADdy™ offers the industry’s best warranty and peace of mind for years to come.

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